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John Walsh has ruined our lives! Oppose the Adam Walsh Act

We need solidarity on this. There are too many people hiding because of the stigma with this kind of crime. Contact me! Let's join forces and help each other.

April 2011

Mr Walsh,

You have ruined over lives with your Adam Walsh Act.

My son, Wolfe, has 3 days to decide either to go to trial or plead guilty to receiving child porn on his computer thru limewire. He's a musician and would do mass downloads of music videos. The Feds did a sting and found 2 child porn videos amongst 2331 music and a few adult porn videos. And those 2 they found were never viewed.
My son accidentally downloaded them and never even looked at them. They could have come in under mislabeled names. Sometimes people who produce these videos will put names of bands or singers for the title instead of what they really are. But he never searched or knowingly downloaded these. And he never knew they were on there amongst the large stash of other videos.

The problem with going to trial is, when people hear you got caught with child porn they have a real hard time believing you didn't do it. Having child porn is worse than murdering someone. It's the lowest of the low and if you have these words describe you in any way it's really hard to sway people to show that you are innocent.
If he goes to trial the court has told him his charges will go up to distribution and he'll get from 15 to 25 years in jail. And be on the sex offenders list when he gets out, which in in our state, is lifetime.

If Wolfe pleads to this charge he has a good chance of no jail, but he would get house arrest, probation for years and a lifetime on the sex offenders list.

The sex offenders list insures that he doesn't live anywhere near schools, young children in his own family, or anywhere there are children. A lot of people on this list now live in the streets as there is nowhere for them to go. He would have to check in a couple of times a year for the rest of his life to the authorities so they could check him out. He won't be able to get a job because he would have to tell them he's on the sex offenders list,.. and most people don't want to hire someone who might touch children.

Wolfe may not live to see what happens to him. He's innocent and the idea of signing a plea is almost too much for him to deal with.
If you didn't commit a crime would you want to be an outcast from society for the rest of your life?
 He says he's going to kill himself before he pleads guilty to something he never did. He's not into child porn, never was. He has never been in trouble with the law and has just turned 21 and he feels he's going to end it all on his terms. I'm hoping to change his mind.

On August of 2010 his landlord, Mr. Soule, who lived next door, gave the key to his home to the Federal  ICE agent, who happened to be best friends with Soule, so they wouldn't have to kick in the door.  A wee later when moving Wolfe's stuff out of the house Soule got in my face to tell me how great it was they didn't break down the door.
I told him my son woke up to a gun in his face and all he could say was. 'Now that's a wake up call' with a wink.
So the Agents just slid into Wolfe's home quietly and woke him up to a gun to his head. And told not to move or he'd get his brains blown out. 6 ICE agents stormed his house looking for anything they could find that was child porn.

Wolfe was more worried about the small amount of pot that was on the table, which the agents took as well. They took his computer, ipod, camera and could find nothing else. My son has a lot of dvds and books but they found nothing there. He's is still upset about the camera and computer as they had personal pictures of friends he will never see again. He's too worried his friends would condemn him for child porn, just like the feds have.

He wasn't arrested, but read his miranda rights. He was so scared as they looking thru his things, guns and rifles drawn the whole of the time. They read him his rights and still telling him he's not arrested, toke him out to the car.. As he walks outside all the neighbors are standing outside watching. Seems Soule, the landlord knew all about this for a while and told the neighbors. So now my son is accused and guilty as charged, these neighbors 'know' he's a child sex offender.. that's what they've been told by Soule and now the Feds have shown up to prove it.

The Agents now started telling him that all he needed was to tell the truth and it would be better for him. They said they knew he downloaded, produced and distributed these child porn videos. They said he needed help and kept at him, 2 of them hovering over him telling him that they're his buddy but he needs to confess. And he did. He interlaced the truth with lies so they would just leave him alone. (my son hates not telling the truth) People think .. why did he confess if he was innocent? It happens a lot.. I would tell them. Make believe you're a 20 yo young man and you've had to deal with the local cops your whole life. You live in a low crime town and the only thing the cops have to do to keep them from being bored is to harass the young boys to keep them in line. It happens, I've seen it since he was 14 and his friends went skateboarding at 5am because they thought it would be fun. and the cops harassed them for it. Accusing them of doing something 'other than skateboarding'.
 My son and his friends learned that lying to the cops would make them go away. So, he lied as he confessed.
 Detective L Mays started telling him that they had a lot on him. She knew that he was producing, editing and distributing child porn. My son was shocked and still worried about the pot as he didn't realize what could happen if you're found with child porn on your computer. I didn't realize it either.. Wolfe was so upset of the thought of being labeled a sex offender he wanted to kill himself and he Baker Acted him, for 1 day.
Wolfe has pets, so Detective Mays called me to tell me what happened.. she wanted me to come up to take care of his pets. She said they found a lot of stuff, and she mentioned the 'a lot' again and very strongly, telling me that he was producing, editing and distributing child porn. I knew he wasn't and was shocked about all this bs going on.

The next day I went to bring my Wolfe home from the center he was Baker Acted to.
He couldn't go back to his because everyone there had already decided he was a sex offender, so he came back to live with me. We still didn't realize what was in store. Detective Mays had told me the day before, when I asked if I should get a lawyer.. Her answer was No, don't worry about it. You'll hear from us in about 4 months. We even figured if they found a couple pictures , that how bad could it get?

I hired an attorney the next day. Warning. Hire a real cybercrime attorney. There is a difference. This guy, Hobson, was one of the crappy lawyers. I thought he wasn't at first. What did I know?
 Cost me $25,000 and he talked to Detective Mays, waited for the Feds forensics on the computer and other items. He didn't do anything to defend Wolfe. Just took what they said, agreed and (telling us he believed my son was innocent, which he didn't) scared my son into signing a plea agreement. We were told if he didn't sign it charges would go up and he'd get more jail time. And time was running out as the courts needed to know right away.

I have recently filed complaint with the Bar Association and considering suing him. His true colors now come out as he tells me that my son and I live in an alternate reality and need to get with it.. that Wolfe DID download these, he knew it, and he also knew how to edit them because he was a graphic designer.
My son is not a graphic designer, he's an artist and sculptor. He doesn't even know what a 'recycle bin' is and never even uses an old email address which he hasn't used in so long that it no longer exists.

That's another chapter that I won't go into further.

Finally, after a lot of searching on the internet that the word I needed all these months as I was looking for another lawyer (we weren't happy with Hobson, but I didn't see any other options..altho our case was going down in flames)  The word I needed was 'cybercrime'
Wonderful! wish I knew about that word 5 months ago. I thought a lawyer would not take a case he couldn't deal with, and to tell you the truth, we didn't think this was a really bad thing to be caught with because Wolfe didn't look for this stuff and if there was any on his computer is was by accident. Surely these people would see that.. No! The law is blind and follows BS non personal means of fucking people up.

Our new lawyer, who really knows his stuff, got with the program right away. We had no time to waste. We hired our own top notch, the court knows him, forensics guy. cost $2,500. The result? Well.. maybe I should tell you what the Feds found first.
Feds found , as they say in their complaint, 2331 videos that were suspect. These words are still in the complaint and we can't get them to change this. It's very damning if you take it to trial.
They 'found' a video with a 3yo and described it in full. And a couple other child porn videos where the ages of the girls were 16 & 17. These had dates accessed, etc.
Mind you.. You only need to have 1 child porn video on your computer to get years of jail and be put on the sex offenders list.

Our forensics guy found:
There were 2331 videos, most were music a small portion adult porn and 2 suspect child porn videos.. These 2 videos were never viewed.
He also found 26 incomplete suspect child porn videos that were deleted. My son noticed them when he clicked on them, didn't want them and deleted them.

The Feds found nothing on his ipod or camera.. or that other computer stack my son offered to them while they were 'collecting evidence'.

Wolfe had to go the a mental health clinic for an evaluation. As stated in the Adam Walsh Law. They sent him to a place that is basically a pill mill. The woman who evaluated him then sent a request for him to go to counseling. She had stated that he was thin and slight (she had some meat on her bones) and frail.  That we had a close family, but for some reason he didn't graduate high school even tho his sister did.
That he didn't seem upset or agitated but he had piercings and painted his nails black. And then said he should go to counseling.
They set him up with this guy who is totally unacceptable. Well, he's part of the system. He makes a lot of money putting these poor creatures into his schedule to rehabilitate, if possible.
Wolfe was sexually abused when he was young, and thinks it's the worst thing you could do to someone. But this shrink says in a video I watched of him online, that these people are contaminated and they'll contaminate others if they don't get alot of treatment.

I fought a bit over this with my son's probation officer finally decided that I could hire our own doctor for his 'treatment'. That's also part of the Adam Walsh Act. Treatment for? I don't know here, Wolfe didn't download porn knowingly. I guess in case he gets depressed over this crap he's going thru. Who wouldn't be depressed?

But I need to go back a few weeks.. as we also hired our own Psychologist who is expert in this area and does only sex offender evaluations. I paid him $2,500 for an evaluation to be done on Wolfe. My son passed with no problem.. well one little one.
They have a 'picture test on the computer' where he looked at a guy's picture for a few too many seconds and it was just a slight over what it should have been. I'm not sure if that makes him a sex offender, gay or just didn't click the mouse quick enough.. maybe he sneezed and couldn't get to the button right away.
All the other tests he passed with high marks.

So, my lawyer is happy, we're happy with all the results we've managed to prove to the court that a lot of the things they accused my son of were false.
Oh, that 3yo video.. was never found on my son's computer. We're still trying to find out where the feds got that one.

In his confession he repeated the search words he was prompted on. Our forensics show that these words were never used in a search on his computer. Another lie from Detective Mays and friends.

We drove down to see our lawyer (4 hour drive.. sometimes you have to go far away to find the right person to defend you) and even tho the judge does not like the Adam Walsh Act in that it makes him put my son on the sex offenders list, it most certainly looks like it would be that.. The judge says his hands are tied? and that it's the law.  .
They've got the bad guy, my son, unless he decides not to kill himself first. Yes, I'm concerned for him, but I also know he doesn't want to die as he's told me so many times in the past. We're working on this on a day to day basis.

We don't think there would be jail, but probably probation and the 'list' But Wolfe is very proud and the thought of being called a sex offender and all that crap that goes with it, for the rest of his life, is something he won't do.. I'm hoping he changes his mind. He has 3 days. I'm scared for him and for me.  I love him. He's a good kid and young man and has a lot to offer.

The sad part, not for me really as I'm in my own hurricane at the moment.. but it's happening to hundreds, maybe thousands of other people who are getting their lives destroyed by the Adam Walsh Act.

If Wolfe  doesn't decide to plead out in 3 days he would go to jail and they'd throw away the key.

So, you suck John Walsh. And I want to the world to know how much you suck.

I'm hoping something will happen and our lives change for the good but it's not in sight, yet.

To the public, politicians, newspeople. We need your help to get this law changed. It is affecting thousands of lives. Families are visiting their son in prison instead of having him safe at home.  There are innocents in prison and on the sex offenders list which marks them.  Families heartbroken.

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Please help - contact me

We need solidarity on this. There are too many people hiding because of the stigma with this kind of crime. Contact me! Let's join forces and help each other.