4/11/ 11 Head Of ICE found downloading porn

These is the guy who was in charge of the 'sting'  that  'caught' my son. I doubt if he'll have to go thru as much crap as we have. . and my son didn't know he downloaded the 2 suspect cps they found on his computer that were never viewed.

Federal investigators are continuing their probe of child pornography allegedly e-mailed to the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in South Florida.

Anthony V. Mangione

The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement for South Florida has been placed on paid administrative leave, as federal agents investigate four images of child pornography he allegedly received on his home computer via an AOL e-mail account, according to sources familiar with the probe.

Broward Sheriff’s Office and FBI investigators seized Anthony V. Mangione’s computer from his Parkland residence Saturday after obtaining a search warrant based on an alert from AOL, Mangione’s Internet service provider. Sources said Mangione, 50, who has headed the ICE regional office since 2007, was not believed to have received the pictures in connection with any ICE investigation.

The Justice Department probe could take a while to complete as investigators determine whether Mangione sent, received or distributed illegal digital images of children. “It’s going to take some time forensically to examine the computer,” a federal law enforcement official said.

AOL, which monitors the distribution of child pornography by its users, alerted a national nonprofit resource center about the images allegedly sent to Mangione’s computer in recent weeks, sources said. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children then forwarded the information to a multi-agency task force that investigates child-porn distribution over the Internet.

Investigators issued a subpoena to AOL to find out the identity and computer address of the account user who allegedly received the four images, sources said. The information provided the legal basis for the FBI to obtain the search warrant to enter Mangione’s home and seize his computer. Authorities also have seized his computer from ICE’s office in west Miami-Dade.

“Internet service providers, including AOL, are required by federal law to report apparent violations of the child pornography laws to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which works with the Department of Justice,” said former Miami federal prosecutor Ryan Stumphauzer. In 2007, he won the conviction of a Biscayne Park man for producing and distributing child-porn over the Internet.

“To comply with this obligation, AOL and other Internet service providers use sophisticated software to detect suspected child pornography images based upon their unique digital fingerprints,” Stumphauzer said.

During the past decade, ICE has aggressively targeted child pornography, with Mangione frequently speaking out against "predators’’ who illegally share images through their computers. ICE also investigates migrant smuggling, illegal weapons exports, terrorism and drug trafficking.

Mangione could not be reached for comment. There are no court records indicating that he has been charged with any crime.

The ICE office in Washington, D.C., declined to comment and referred questions to the Department of Justice. Justice spokeswoman Laura Sweeney declined to comment, as did Miami FBI spokesman Mike Leverock.

As special agent in charge of ICE’s South Florida office, Mangione often lauded the agency’s efforts to fight child pornography in both the cyber and real worlds.

Mangione was planning to retire this summer. He has served his entire 27-year federal career with ICE and its predecessor, the U.S. Customs Service.

*******October 2012

Disturbing details emerge in former federal official's child pornography case

  • Former ICE chief Anthony V. Mangione makes his way to the West Palm Beach federal courthouse for his plea hearing.
Former ICE chief Anthony V. Mangione makes his way to the West Palm Beach… (Carline Jean, Sun Sentinel )
October 13, 2012|By Jon Burstein, Sun Sentinel
They existed in the darkest corners of the Internet with the screen names BookStoreMomNC and Oldrmom111.
BookStoreMomNC would e-mail child pornography and describe how she would spank her daughters, Hannah and Rachel. Oldrmom111 graphically detailed in an online chat how she forced her daughters, Melissa and Marissa, to engage in increasingly vile sex acts.
It turned out BookStoreMomNC and Oldrmom111 were online personas of the same man.
That man was one of South Florida's most powerful federal law enforcement officers.
Anthony Mangione, the local chief of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, had become what he was sworn to hunt down.
While the married father of three helped lead the local fight against child pornography, he was sending illicit images to a former school bus driver in Delaware who would be busted with a vast collection of child pornography, court records show. Federal authorities in Delaware said they not only found more than 700 pieces of child pornography on the computers of David Osborn, but also 500 Internet chat logs he had with "others regarding child sexual exploitation."
One of those "others" was Mangione, court records show. Chat transcripts between Mangione and Osborn shed new and disturbing light on the veteran law enforcement officer's online activities before his September 2011 arrest.
Mangione, who once supervised more than 450 federal employees in nine Florida counties, is now behind bars, awaiting his Nov. 9 sentencing on a child pornography charge. He cut a deal with federal prosecutors in July that will require him to spend at least five years in prison. U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra could sentence him to up to 20 years.
When the FBI and Broward Sheriff's Office first executed search warrants on Mangione's computers in April 2011, many who knew him thought it must be a mistake — that maybe he had been examining an ongoing case on his work computer. But as details have emerged, his former colleagues have been stunned.
"As a longtime agent, you want to believe that he couldn't do this kind of thing, especially given what we do as defenders and protectors of victims of child pornography and human trafficking," said Kevin Love, a former senior special agent in ICE's Miami office. "We're the ones who arrest people for that."
In his 27 years at the U.S. Customs Service, and later ICE, Mangione had worked his way up from a clerical job to special agent in charge of the South Florida office. As he rose through the ranks, he investigated the heroin trade in Afghanistan and West Africa and led an undercover team that infiltrated the world of international arms dealing.
In his role as ICE's local leader, he often was quoted in press releases about child pornography investigations.
"ICE relentlessly pursues predators who sexually abuse children, whether that abuse is physical or whether it is accomplished by exploiting their images," he said in January 2009 after the sentencing of a Wellington man for enticing boys online to take off their clothes.
Copies of search warrants obtained by the Sun Sentinel show that authorities were led to the doorstep of Mangione's Parkland home in the same manner that hundreds of other child pornography suspects have been caught. Mangione's Internet provider, America Online, detected child pornography was being sent from one of his accounts and sent a cybertip to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
"We know everything you do on a computer can be tracked and even if you erase it, it's never really gone," Love said. "He had to be aware of that, which befuddles you even more and makes you wonder if it really is a sickness. He knows all the tools of our trade."
The search warrants show that even after America Online shut down one of Mangione's e-mail accounts in September 2010 because of the illicit images he was sending — a warning sign he had been detected — he didn't stop his pattern of creating screen names like Txdad723 and Oldrmom111.
Mangione, 52, had been actively using those screen names until the weekend his home was searched, according to the search warrants filed by the Broward Sheriff's Office.
No one directly involved with Mangione's criminal case is talking. Mangione's attorney, David Howard, did not return phone calls from the Sun Sentinel. The federal authorities involved in the investigation aren't commenting. The Broward Sheriff's Office, which received the cybertip, referred questions to federal authorities. ICE officials repeatedly have declined to discuss any matters involving Mangione.
Until he reached a deal with federal prosecutors, Mangione's court file largely had been devoid of details about his alleged crimes. With his plea he admitted using two different e-mail handles, BookStoreMomNC and MntnMama34, to send 16 emails containing child pornography to a single e-mail address — Rampantlion1314.

Rampantlion1314 was Osborn, 40, who not only had worked as a school bus driver, but as a substitute teacher and had been involved with a youth organization for girls, according to federal authorities in Delaware. Osborn, of New Castle, Del., told federal agents that he left the youth group after he was accused of being "a pervert," according to court records.
Police reports indicate he also had been investigating for sexually harassing a 14-year-old girl on Facebook.
The cybertip that alerted authorities to Mangione eventually led them to Osborn, court records show. In a May 2011 search of the home Osborn shared with his mother, federal authorities found his library of child pornography images and his chat transcripts, records show.
In a transcript with one of Mangione's screen names, oldrmom111, "[Osborn] assumes the role of a 'teacher,' instructing 'oldrmom111' on how to induce her children into increasing hardcore sex acts," wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward J. McAndrew.
The transcript is too sexually graphic to describe, but it's clear that Mangione and Osborn had chatted before with Mangione beginning the conversation with "Haven't seen you in awhile."
In a second chat between Osborn and Mangione, as BookStoreMomNC, the two are exchanging images, offering a running commentary on them. BookStoreMomNC pretended to be waiting for her daughters to return from Girl Scouts and Brownies.
"Here's a very very harsh one," Osborn wrote as he sent an image.
"Here's a nice color to start," Mangione wrote as he sent an image.
"I have a before of her but dont (sic) know where," Osborn wrote.
"Wow, that is harsh," Mangione responded.
Osborn pleaded guilty in March in Delaware federal court to a single count of child pornography, a charge that carries a mandatory five years in prison and up to 20 years. As part of his plea deal, he agreed to cooperate with federal authorities. His sentencing date has not been set.
Mangione's plea deal established that he had sent child pornography to Osborn at least since March 2010, meaning the two had interacted for more than six months.
A Broward Sheriff's Office search warrant shows Mangione had used at least 10 different screen names while online. Piecing together his Internet activity using those screen names, authorities charted his Internet activity for one Tuesday in September 2010.
He logged on four times between 2 and 3 a.m., four times between 4:30 and 4:36 a.m., once at 6:49 a.m., six times between 1:15 and 2 p.m. and three times near 11 p.m., according to the search warrant.
Prosecutors from the U.S. Department of Justice's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section have offered no hints on how long they will ask for Mangione to be locked up. First-time sex offenders who have pleaded guilty to the same charge as Mangione in Fort Lauderdale federal court have on average received 10-year prison sentences, the Sun Sentinel found.
When he pleaded guilty in July, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a press release calling Mangione "a Florida man." His case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative against child exploitation that Mangione once touted.
"While we cannot restore innocence to those who were abused and exploited, we can make sure that justice is served," he said in a press release about a 2007 child pornography case.
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