They’ve changed the date for sentencing quite a few times. First time was supposed to be March and then we switched lawyers. After about 3 changes it’s scheduled for Nov. 3rd.

That makes over 1 year my son has been under the eye of the courts.

Federal cases are supposed to go really quick, like in 6 months. I think they do that so you don’t have time to get yourself up after being knocked out and put your mind together so you can defend yourself. They have the upper hand right at the beginning and they want justice done swiftly. They want to be right no matter what.

Altho we wish it were all over, and it never will be because my son will be put on the sex offender list for the rest of his life, unless I can find people to help me get this wrong fixed. At least the prolonged agony of not knowing what they’re going to do to him has given us time to do forensics on his computer twice. The first time was your basic forensics and I still had questions like: where’s the 1 cp they said they found him with. The one with the youngest of victims in it. The one that can’t be found. And how many downloads were in the recycle bin including music,etc.

The prosecutor likes to use just their facts. They say he was found with 2331 suspect cps. But they only found 2 in that whole bunch, and those 2 were never viewed. The rest were mostly music with a few adult porn thrown in. My son didn’t now these 2 videos were even there. And there were 7 partially downloaded cps that were deleted. But I wanted the bigger picture for the future. Because after sentencing the computer is unavailable. I wanted to know how many more regular videos were also deleted.

You see, they like to make the suspect look as bad as possible. They won’t take out that number 2331, even tho our attorney mentioned that it looked bad, like that was how many cp (child porn)

were found, when there were only 2.

They use the numbers and their facts they way they want.

I looked thru some new papers that came in the mail last week. ADDENDUM TO THE PRESENTENCE REPORT

More bs. But before all their reports and plea bargains mentioned that he had no priors and he doesn’t. But OH, wait, I think they found something to make my son look like he’s one of the bad guys.

Here’s what it says:

"Other Criminal Conduct

Date ** ** ** Charge Possession of Alcohol under 21 y.o. Charges dropped

On June ** 2008 the defendant was at an apartment that had loud music playing. Law enforcement was called as a result of the loud music. The defendant and several other teenagers were at the apartment. The defendant denied consuming any alcohol. The other teenagers admitted to drinking alcohol. The defendant was wearing an alcohol monitor and indicated to the officer that he was not allowed to consume alcohol under the condition of his probation. The officer could not locate any documentation on the probation status of the defendant."

WOW ... my son never had an alcohol monitor nor was he on probation for anything. I’ve emailed, called an texted our busy lawyer who has yet to respond about this. But this is a lie.

It doesn’t give an address so we have no idea where it was. But they know. They pick out just what they want to make him seem like he has a criminal past, which he doesn’t.

We have a month to try to get rid of this before it becomes permanent and before the judge looks at it and sees my son in a worse light. What crap.

My son feels his life is over. For a mother this is the worse thing that can happen. And for him.

He’ll be put on the sex offender list for the rest of his life. He won’t be able to get a job or find a place to live within a city. He won’t be able to travel like he wants.

I will never give up on getting him his freedom. If I have to pay the last red cent I have, contact everyone I possibly can to find someone who has the answer to this.

It’s just not fair.