Sheriff Ben Johnson

Mr. Johnson is one of those who helped 'catch' my son. He's not that great of a guy.

Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson admits drinking and driving (using his department issued SUV.) A trooper responding to complaints about his driving drunk is now under investigation after the sheriff complained. Sheriff Makes Surprising Statement About Drinking And Driving Sheriff Makes Surprising Statement About Drinking And Driving] In a memo written to Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson, a sergeant claims State Trooper Jason Brooks accused the sheriff of drinking and driving. The memo says Brooks made the comment in front of other deputies. The memo also says Brooks went on to say that he drove around the west side of the county, while on duty, to look for the sheriff driving drunk. Those allegations led to an internal investigation of Trooper Brooks by the Florida Highway Patrol. Eyewitness News obtained the memo and tracked down the sheriff and asked him about the allegations. “Have I ever driven with more than I should’ve? That might have been a little touchy? That might have been a possibility,” Sheriff Johnson said Sheriff Johnson said Trooper Brooks’ accusations were off base and he said Brooks had a motive for making those harsh comments. “It is obviously a personal reason, because his live-in girlfriend is one of my deputies who we’ve had to discipline,” he said. Eyewitness News checked into Trooper Brooks’ background and he is known for his DUI arrest record. Twice this year he’s earned a statewide award for making the most DUI arrests in a month.