Joseph Hobson Attorney

Hobson was my first attorney. He decided, after talking with the arresting officer that my son was guilty of everything they said he was.
I was stupid about it all and kept him on for 4 months fighting with him the whole time. He knew nothing about Cybercrime Laws and decided that there was no such thing. I finally found a real lawyer after my son refused to speak with him anymore. I didn't know there were lawyers just for this kind of crime.
After sending in a complaint to the Florida Bar, they decided that since my son took the plea he set up that he did his job and earned that $25,000 I paid him.  I'm now trying to find out if I can sue.

Having an attorney who doesn't believe in your innocence, knows nothing about your crime and the only thing he can do is plea is not the way to go. You need a lawyer who will do forensics and believe in you and is willing to go to trial for you. Unfortunately with this kind of case trial is not an option as the general public 'knows' you're guilty just because it's a sex crime against children. They're blind to any evidence that shows you're innocent.

Beware of this guy, he's lied to us, withheld information and aimed us for whatever the court decided they wanted .. and did so without a fight.  I'm not done with Hobson yet.